Putting a Pause

Wee woo. It’s been fun. We have mock boards and cumulative finals coming up in only a few weeks!!! It’s a fun-filled frenzy of studying, studying, and just a little more studying to go with that studying. We’re putting a pause on the blog for the next couple weeks until after tests. See you then! … Continue reading



Borderlands!! For those of you who haven’t heard of the game, Borderlands is one of the best co-op ┬ácomputer games out there. It is a four player co-op expedition in search of the mysterious alien “vault” on a planet called Pandora. Our team includes us two, Alex (Anthony’s brother), and Andrew (Janna’s brother). Incidentally, we … Continue reading

test week!!!

Test week is coming up!!! It’s a hectic bit of last minute studying. With quick little breaks of football in between–not that we’re die-hard fans for either team (or any team for that matter), but any excuse to take a break is always welcomed ­čÖé -Janthony