Yea, we know, it’s only our second post and we’re already talking about money. But, money is the first thing on the to-do list when you receive that treasured acceptance letter. You either decline your spot or hold it with a $100 deposit (at least for LLUSM). And from there, you will tread through seemingly endless pages of financial paperwork.

As of this week, we received the first drafts of our financial statements. “First drafts?” you wonder. Well, your financial statement updates as your plan into indentured servitude. LLUSM’s current tuition is $44,668. But, that’s before the cost of books, supplies, enrollment fee, and possible loan fees. With all of that, it adds up to a whopping $52,641 (give or take a few hundred).

We will go into more detail on the government loans and other financial aid opportunities in later posts (as we learn ourselves). But, for now, to best optimize your chances for financial aid, inquire–far in advance–about the financial procedure for your school(s) of interest.



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