7 Weeks

With seven weeks before med school, we have now officially graduated from college (our diplomas will hopefully arrive soon). So, now we’ve also officially started our last pre-med summer. To ensure we make the best use of this summer, we asked a few friends from the medical field advice. Here’s what a few of them said.

For the last summer before med school…

“Do something fun. You’re in for a long road ahead of you. It’s sad to put it this way but this may be your last summer off ever for the rest your life. You do have a summer off between your first and second-year medical school, however you probably will spend it doing research or other projects. So my advice would be to go out have fun this summer, do something memorable–something that, after looking back ten years from now–you’ll say you’re glad you did it.”

-Jason, Ophthalmologist

“Go somewhere new and experience or do something you’ve always wanted to do. This is the last block of free time you’ll probably ever have. If you have the funds, travel. If not, go camping, go climb a mountain, or go chill at the beach. I’d definitely recommend just being outside… Because once med school starts, you’ll be sitting inside, on a chair, for hours and hours a day studying.

If being outside isn’t your cup of tea, stay inside and do that hobby you’ve wanted to start or finish projects you have started. Pick up an instrument, read novels and epics FOR FUN (because there is precious little time to read for fun in school), crochet, conquer a video game you’ve wanted to, and/or spend quality time with friends and family before the whirlwind of med school hits you.

Be proactive about having fun. On the flip side… If you ever find yourself bored, savor it for a day. And my last piece of advice. Do not, under any circumstance, study in preparation for school. It will inevitably be a waste of time because you won’t know what material is important to learn and what is emphasized. My housemate told me he got so bored during the summer before that he started studying for anatomy, and it was a complete waste of time. Justin, a fourth year med student, told me, ‘Med school is like a marathon. Why would you try and run the day before the race? It’s not going to help you, if anything it’ll make you more tired and burn you out quicker.’ First year really is a tiring experience. So go have fun.”

-Jonathan, Second-Year Med School

“Do the most fun and adventurous things possible! Just do whatever you have been itching to do and do it with friends! Then, document it in a photobook so that when you are feeling down during med school you can look at the photos and remember that there were better times and that there will be better times!”

-Christine, Intern Anesthesiologist










2 thoughts on “7 Weeks

  1. all good advice, I’m not even a doctor! I’m excited to see what you guys do this summer. CONGRATS you guys, you’re freaking adorable.

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