5 weeks

An important part of medical school is finding the ideal study room. Looking for a study place may not seem like a big deal, but it’s where we’re going to be chilling for a sweet piece of time. We believe it’s safe to say that the average med student spends more time studying than sleeping. And so, we’ve been out and about scouting different locations. Here are some of our criteria:  The room should be available at all hours (for those late night cram sessions), contain minimal distractions, and have a low noise level.


This location is perhaps the number one choice for most students. The library has many resources easily available. There are also group study rooms. Friends will often study here as well providing another possible resource. However, problems include time availability and possible noise levels. For the majority of the week the hours are from 7:30 am to 11:00 pm. Click here to go to LLU’s libraries home page.

From a scale 1-10

Availability: 5

Focus level: 9

Quietness: 7

Empty classroom

Although not an official study place, we’ve been told that several rooms scattered throughout the different medical school buildings are available for studying. They’re usually unlocked and free of distractions.  One friend of ours even mentioned that during test week, we can start studying right after class late into the night, sleepover, and wake up ready to take the test.  We’re not sure if he was joking or not.

Availability: 9

Focus level: 8

Quietness: 10


Studying at home is definitely the most accessible place to study. Conversely, it’s likely filled with distractions–and not necessarily just video games.  I’ve been told that the bed can be a little too tempting at times. . .

Availability: 10

Focus level: 4

Quietness: 8


I’m not 100% sure where we’ll end up studying, but it’s nice to see the different options.

On a completely unrelated note, Janna and I took in a dog that needed a home. Isn’t he so cuuute?  Hopefully his adorable self will help with the medical school stress anxiety. Or add to it. I guess we’ll find out.



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