3 Weeks

We completed our med school registration! The next step was to put on our professional clothes and head over to University Student Affairs Office. Why? Well, to get our… Drumroll, please….student ID badges!! (Janna: I was probably much more excited about this than Anthony, but the badge just looks so official.)

Anyways, we also dropped by the School of Medicine Student Affairs Office (not to be confused with the University Student Affairs Office) to try on our white coats. We submitted our measurements earlier in the summer, but the school wanted to “ensure a proper fit” for the big ceremony in a few weeks. At the fitting, we received a one-page, to-do list. The list provided similar information to the online registration portal, but in a nice, condensed format. (pic of registration portal vs sheet) with brief descriptions of what needed to be done. Since we already completed our registration, the list is a bit obsolete. It would have been nice to have it earlier, so we are posting them here (just click on the pics).

Besides med school stuff, our summer activities have also included exercising. About a month or two ago, we registered for a triathlon. This will be Anthony’s first.

Anthony:  Perhaps all the stellar athletes reading this blog might not relate to this next portion, but a triathlon is a race of trinormous proportions.  One must swim, bike, and then run. That’s three different activities jam-packed into one single event. Three different activities. Yeeky. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that the real macho-tough nature of triathlons also means that swimming isn’t simply limited to a clean, chlorinated pool. We swim with the sharks. I think I need to start learning how to swim with a spear gun.

We’re training for the swim portion at Drayson.  It’s a sweet exercise facility, free for Loma Linda University Medical Students… but only with a student ID (which we just received after paying over $20,000). Before we obtained our IDs, we paid the student rate of $30/month.  For the biking portion, we’re training on the Santa Ana River Trail.  Finally, our local neighborhood has been our running training grounds.

Race day’s gonna be tiiiight.



3 thoughts on “3 Weeks

    • Hi Bev!
      The tri was so much fun!! And, no sharks 🙂 We are trying to make a short video. Hopefully, we can post it. If not, we will put pics up soon.
      OOoo you sent us our first question. We didn’t even notice the different expiration dates. But, the IDs reflect the date that we received them. Anthony got his later. And, I guess since we graduate in June 2016, we just need our IDs through 6/16.

      • Oooh, okay. I just thought you got them on the same day.. cool! And YES! Post a video! I want to see!

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