2 Weeks

Down to our last two weeks! Whether good or bad, we haven’t opened any med books. But, we have cleared lots of square footage in our houses for the incoming med books.

Textbooks are a pretty controversial issue. On one hand, our high school and college experiences have told us “required” books are just that, required. On the other hand, we have heard from a number of sources that there won’t be time to keep up with textbook readings. So, we have a toss up. Options:  Purchase physical books, forego books, obtain PDFs of books, or a combination of all of the above depending on the class. The optimal option would be to purchase every textbook, physical and PDF, but budget must also be considered. One book may cost anywhere from $78 to $378.

But lest one believe that medical school is only about stress, we still try to have our fun and games.  An upcoming “olympics” event and a game night are being planned by several of our classmates as an unofficial meet-and-greet via Facebook. We have our own LLUSM Class of 2016 page. The page has had lots of activity over the past few weeks with posts from classmates searching for roommates and older students offering advice.

And on a completely unrelated note, our triathlon’s next week!  Let’s hope the sharks aren’t hungry.



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