Drinking from the well of information

We’ve heard it said that med school is like drinking water out of a fire hydrant. And so, we tried to prepare. We set our minds to the task. I mean, how bad can it be?  Then we got the full experience.

Yup. It’s a full-force torrent.

We’ve had as many as 68 anatomy slides in one lecture.  68!?! in 50 minutes? We wondered how the lecturer would finish.  That’s less than 45 seconds per slide. We found out the next day in class.  Simple solution: we don’t. A little over halfway through the presentation, we ended.

We’re currently taking 8 different classes: Gross anatomy, embryology (part of gross anatomy), cell structure & function (aka histology), physical diagnosis (aka PDX), evidence-based medicine (EBM), biochemistry & genetics, physiology, and religion. Attached with certain classes are also lab times several times throughout the week.

Later in the year, we’ll be swapping biochemistry & genetics and EBM lecture (lab continues) with neuroscience and fundamentals of behavioral science.

Click here to check out the official curriculum for the four years.

It’s a pretty large influx of information. The fire hydrant metaphor’s pretty accurate.

Though personally, I think drinking out of a fire hydrant should be more like this:

Granted, if med school were as easy as that, we might take an additional 4 years to finish our education.

Y’know, on top of the 12-15 years we already need to finish (med school, intern, residency, fellowship).

Ah… one day we’ll be doctors… one day. . .



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