Triple Date. One-week left

This week we had Monday off, for Labor Day. Three-day weekends in med school are a little different from our college and high school days. They’re not quite as fun-filled to the brim as they used to be, but they’re definitely still appreciated–perhaps even more so.

One great thing about a day off was that we had less info to learn this week.

So, beyond simply getting in extra studying (all Monday long) in attempts to catch up, we decided to devote some time to fun activities. And the first fun activity was. . .

. . .sleep! Yes, indeed, this rarity is such an indulgence in med school we decided to sleep in during the weekend.  A full 8 hours! I know, I know what you’re thinking. Can we afford wasting time sleeping? Questionable. But we still indulged nonetheless.

Another fun activity was simply a variation of studying (okay, so maybe it wasn’t thaaaaat fun, but still more fun than the norm). We decided to study in style, courtesy of 2 Wal-Mart loungers, portable computers, and the cool evening air.  It be tiiight.

And lastly, we went to the LA county fair on a triple date. It was Anthony’s first time experiencing a true “fair.” In comparison to the quiet walls of study, the flashing lights and loud noises were a bit of a sensory overload, but a welcome change. We saw piglets, pet goats, played fair games, and, of course, ate fried snickers and twinkies.

Basically, it was fried food, fun, and friends.



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