Test week of DOOM. 4 year anniversary.

The dreaded week is here with the terrifyingly, scary tests of doom. First tests are always so scary since we don’t know what to expect (although all med school tests will probably be scary). We have so many questions with no real answers. What should we know? Which textbooks should we read? Should we focus more on Histology or Anatomy? Should we have studied more the past few weeks? Well, that one sort of has an answer. We probably should have studied more. But, then there is the question of balancing life. Do we want to neglect health? Family? God?

As for how much we studied, we’d say we put about 80% effort compared to college. 80%, not in comparison of hours. We definitely put in more hours, but we didn’t go for knowing every detail. In college, we could strive to know 99% of the test material by reading the textbook, notes, and attending class (at least Janna could). Med school is a little different. The teachers don’t have to test only over what they have taught. There is a little of that in college, but a lot more in med school. There are stacks of textbooks and atlases that are “fair game.” So, out of all the material we could know, we hoped for at least 80%. We’ll let you know if we should up that.

And with all the studying, we both completely forgot our 4th year anniversary! So sad what med school does to you. We did spend almost the entire day together–studying. We remembered the day after so we did an impromptu photoshoot consisting of an iPad, a backyard, and church clothing. We stayed awake for most of it.

…and no, we didn’t plan this. We are just so in-tune with each other that we blink together. 🙂



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