We’re done!!!

It’s over! We have officially completed our first test week of med school. And, we both survived. What a week.

Test week is definitely a rollercoaster- excitement, frustration, stress, and blahhhh.

The weekend before was intense review which we couldn’t have gotten through without our study group (we’ll tell you more about our “awesome study group” in a later post). But, essentially every moment of our weekend-besides the precious Sabbath hours-were spent flipping through notes, books, and practice questions. By Monday afternoon, our concentration was waning.

Tuesday morning arrived and we got in a few more hours. But, the anxiety, adrenaline (epinephrine and norepinephrine), and nervous bladders started kicking in. Heart beats increased in frequency as one o’clock approached. Finally, we were driving to the test site in our testmobile. And in a few hours, our focus switched from answering questions to hoping our answers matched.

In college, we often didn’t talk about answers right after our tests to avoid disappointment, but with possible repeat of topics in subsequent days, we had to figure out the answers right away (or at least the right answers to the best of our ability. After going over our mistakes, we had headaches and were essentially brain dead. We tried studying in the evenings, but usually just resorted to resting. Janna even watched TV episodes, *gasp* while Anthony just got sick (headache = no fun). And, the routine repeated.

By the end of the test week, our moods had drastically split. One of us needs a little more study time. And that person’s name doesn’t start with a J.

But, now it is over. And, we actually have a weekend of nothing (except an anatomy quiz). Our plans? Well, for once in the past six weeks, we don’t have to give the ‘duh-study’ look. We can relax, watch movies, and just do anything (or nothing).



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