Sabbaths! One week left

3, 2, 1!!! Sundown! Oh how we love Sabbaths. 24 precious hours to rest, recover, and rejuvenate. 

We  only have one week left before our second set of tests. So, one more week of information on top of the huge pile we have already. These past few weeks have been particularly biochem heavy. Each 50 min lecture covers a new metabolic cycle. What in undergrad was covered in at least a week, we do in a day- glycolysis, pentose phosphate pathway, TCA, urea, gluconeogenesis, glycogen synthesis and degradation, beta oxidation, fatty acid synthesis, and four more lectures to go. Or brains are swimming in dehydrogenases, hydratases,allosteric regulators, and other invisible compounds.

So, for those desperately looking ahead for med school, we’ve attached some biochemical pathways for your viewing pleasure below. Now you can have as much fun as we do.

Have at it.



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