Halloween and… science? Tests start this week!

Shows like Vampire Diaries or the Walking Dead make the dead seem so thrilling and intriguing. Med school bring about an entirely different perspective. We spend at least two hours a week in the anatomy lab and many hours studying for the lectures.

There are eight students split into two groups for each body. The two groups dissect on alternating lab days and present what they learned the following lab. In the past ten weeks, we have covered the back muscles, 6+ triangles of the neck, thorax, and facial region. We are still not comfortable with seeing the dead bodies (especially the ones with open eyes), but we’ve grown sort of accustomed to the smell of formaldehyde and are very grateful for the learning opportunity provided by the donors. Learning about anatomy in a book is rather different than physically handling the human body.

Here is the official school link if you’d like to learn more about body donations.



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