Relaxation and de-stress during post-test week.

…and so we’ve completed another med school test cycle. And so we’ve experienced a full serving and a half of fun, rainbows, and butterflies.

And by fun, rainbows, and butterflies, we mean stress, studying, and sadness.

After any test cycle, every med student needs some way to relax. Since we’re both introverts by nature, we decided against a trip to PUC or even Disneyland. Instead, we opted to simply stay near home. Amongst shopping, TV watching, and general lethargania (no, that’s not a real word), Janna even gave Anthony a mini-spa treatment (aka facial cleansing). And yes, it hurt.

We also lit the carved pumpkins (well, at least Janna and her brother did-sadly I’m not nearly artistic enough to make such a sweet looking Naruto. Janna’s pumpkin is the owl).

We also went to a minor league hockey game: Ontario Reign vs. Bakersfield Condors. Even though there wasn’t a line brawl, the game was still pretty tense and exciting. As one might imagine, we don’t often go to these type of sporting events, so the experience was a welcome change from med school textbooks.

We also went to Victoria Gardens to browse and followed our shopping with a meal at The  Old Spaghetti Factory. Their mizithra and spumoni twas quite delish.

We also went to a 1 year old birthday party that was better decorated than some weddings. It even had party favors that featured Nemo figurines, bubbles in a bottle, and a personalized snowglobe.

Actually, looking back, we had a pretty event-filled weekend. Maybe we aren’t truly introverts after all, just medical students drowning in the study load.

Oh joy. And with that, our second test cycle ends… and another begins.



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