Little doggy Bday. 4 weeks before test week.

This week was Joey’s birthday! He is now two human years old.

Having a dog in med school is so much fun and great for our sanity. Janna gets to go home during the week to a little doggy that is so excited to see her he can’t hold his pee. Joey lets his shower of affection flow for Anthony during weekday visits and when Anthony take Joey home over the weekend.

Joey gets us outside and exercising. And if we don’t… he’ll release his energy running laps in the family room (Bolt’s got nothing on Joey) or barking at the neighbors. Y’know, that I’m-a-eat-you-for-breakfast type of bark only small, teensy, non-lethal dogs can make.

Joey reminds us to not only get caught up in studying, but to also take breaks and enjoy life. His wagging tail and constant smile are just too hard to resist. He even reminds Janna when it’s bedtime during the week. His curfew is at eight, otherwise he gets grouchy.
But, a dog is also a lot of work. We don’t advise getting one unless you have people to help you take care of it. Our parents help take care of him while we are off at school and studying. Our moms even take him to training school once a week for his better edification. We’re hoping he’ll know his multiplication tables by next year.

He’s a supah tight dog and we’re extremely appreciative of the Halversens for letting us adopt him.



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