New Year. 3 weeks left.

We’re back! And, it’s a new year-2013.With the new year have come new classes. We completed biochemistry/genetics and now have added neuroscience, human behavioral science, and a medical ethics religion class. In these new classes, we covered the gross anatomy of brain, learned how to empathize and encourage patients to adhere to a treatment, and faced the ethics behind medicine in a documentary about a boy who became a girl and later went back to being a boy because his penis burned off when he was 2 months old.
We also have new labs is quarter. One of the new labs let us get hands on practice with a robotic “patient”. Harvey is a robotic head and torso that is complete with heart murmurs, pulses, and JVPs. His abdomen even rises when he “breathes”. He helped integrate all the information we have learned in our physical diagnosis class.
            IMG_0003                       IMG_0004
Oh, and to start the year off, we took some extra time to go on a fun date. We went to a Color Me Mine studio and painted Joey a doggie bowl. The theme for Friday was Pajama Party (discount for those dressed in pajamas-What could be better for in debt, tired med students?).
With the new year, we also thought we’d try something new. If any of our readers have questions about med school, med school life, or life in general write them in the comments below and we will be happy to try and answer them in future posts.
Happy new year!


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