WOP & 3-day Wkend!!

Besides the tons of labs, med school is really easing us in after our Christmas Break. First off, this test cycle is only over 4 weeks. And, it looks like we will only have one normal class-filled week.

This past week (the 2nd week), we had week of prayer which means one less class each day. So, that meant 3 classes on Mon, Wed, and Fri and only 2! on Tues and Thurs because of our religion class (total lectures: 13! usually we have 17).

As for the last two weeks, this week we got Monday off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and next week we get Friday off like usual. This probably means we are supposed to do outstandingly, superbly well on this set of exams, especially since the next test cycle has 6 weeks. And to do so, we made use of the long-weekend by……….going snowboarding with our study group (us two + Michael and Alex) and having a candlelight-date dinner (our first and cooked by Janna).

Starting the day ready to go tough guys

Although, we couldn’t escape completely. Neuro followed us up onto the slopes when Michael got a concussion (microhemorrhage) doing a 360, luckily not off a jump. He could remember his name, location, the nerves that innervated his ocular muscles (which Alex checked), pretty much everything except for the month which made us extremely worried.

first aid!! snowmobile

After his ride down the slope on a snowmobile and a check up at ski patrol, we brought him straight home to be checked and monitored by his neurologist parents. Besides an abrasion on his chin and maybe some forgotten facts from what he has studied over the last week, they think he will be ok. Whew. We are glad Michael’s brain is all safe and sound to continue med school.

Here are pics from our 5-course dinner 🙂 We got to make use of the glass plates we made from our Stained Glass class at PUC.


Candle! Garlic roasted bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

juice in fancy glasses tomatoes

Raspberry, cherry, and grape with lemon slices and crushed ice.

Sliced tomatoes sprinkled with olive oil, basil, and salt & pepper.

minestrone Minestrone!

the entree

Pan-seared salmon and green beans with shallots and bell peppers with Joey in the corner wanting a bite. Oh, we didn’t make this plate.

don't forget dessert

Ice cream and fruits on our favorite glass dish.

"coffee"--hot cocoa And, Janna’s preferred “coffee”–> Hot Chocolate!

Hope your weekend was as fun too!



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