Wear a Helmet

Whew! What a week. Test headaches and nausea, broken brakes and burning cars, and more internal bleeding. Despite Janna’s nausea during the Histo practical and headache on the third day of tests causing the computer screen to pulsate, tests went pretty well, probably the best all year. It was nice having only about three and a half weeks of information–more time to learn it well. But, the flurry of events surrounding this week was enough stress to last for months.

I be the boss

Driving up the mountain for a “relaxing” ski trip after tests, we decided to preemptively put on chains (required according to our online sources) which we did incorrectly which came off the wheels which hit the brake line which caused the truck’s alarm system to flash and blare which caused us to get stuck behind a car that went up in flames (which was an experience that was worth the brake failure depending on the cost-the truck will be serviced today). Oh, and then the whole chain fiasco and car-burning took so extraordinarily long that the roads ended up being clear. No chains needed.

Other than our exciting adventure and a few bruises, there were no other injuries. Thank goodness.

yea, we cute

Don’t worry, Anthony was wearing a helmet. He just likes to show off his hat hair for the camera.

snowboard master

Having only completed our first section of neurology, we weren’t quite ready to start applying the terms to real people, especially family. However, circumstances dictated otherwise. In addition to Mike’s concussion, the neuroscience continued with Janna’s father. Again a skiing accident, but this one involved a double black diamond, rocks and trees, a shattered helmet, mammoth ski patrol, jet evac, CT scans, MRI’s, and too much more. Even with our rudimentary knowledge, it is still terrifying to know the implications of words like subarachnoid hemorrhage and C6 fractures. Thank you to all who have been praying and are continuing to pray. We thank God her father is still alive. Please, keep her family in your prayers.

wear a helmet kiddies

And some friendly advice if you ever go skiing or snowboarding: wear a helmet.



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