Family. Love. And Joey.

Back to school. This week was the most normal week we’ve had in a while. Besides Friday, we had our full-load of classes and labs. Friday was special because of Family Day.

Parents were invited to live a day in our shoes (with a few embellishments). After a breakfasts of fruit and muffins, the parents attended three lectures in the plush seats of the 1st year dental students (overflow seating was in our normal lecture room). Following the lectures, we were treated to a fancy lunch complete with salad forks, sparkling cider glasses, and super cute (and tasty!) desserts. The afternoon was spent touring the facilities. The festivities continued in the evening with an alumni dinner and dedication vespers.

With Janna’s dad’s injuries, we weren’t sure if he could attend at all. However, with the help of Norco (a similar compound to Vikaden), he ventured beyond the household confines to brave one lecture before sleeping the rest of the day to regain his strength so he could attend the alumni dinner and vesper.

jan with her mom   parental support

Oh, and we can’t forget Valentine’s Day. The love mobile“Love mobile” showed up early Thursday morning to whisk Janna away to…class. After lectures and lab, the “Love mobile” continued to…the path lab for an autopsy- our first. Over the weekend, the “Love mobile” more appropriately traversed to a sandwich shop in Loma Linda- Tess’ Place. Yum. The “Love mobile’s” last stop was to the dog park where Joey was scared for the majority of the time, but at the end did a little better at making friends. 

date time  doggy park  joey and a friend


Joey pre-park. so excited to smell new sights and see new smells!


Joey post-park. whew, meeting new dogs can be exhausting!

Oh, and Janna and her mom also joey look a likesmanaged to give Anthony and Janna’s dad a Joey look-a-like valentine’s gift. Aren’t they all so cute? Hope you all had a fun Valentine’s Day!

One more note, CONGRATULATIONS to all those who were accepted to next year’s class, including our PUC friends- Bev, Steven, Jon, Robert, and Matt.



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