For those of you who haven’t heard of the game, Borderlands is one of the best co-op  computer games out there. It is a four player co-op expedition in search of the mysterious alien “vault” on a planet called Pandora.

Our team includes us two, Alex (Anthony’s brother), and Andrew (Janna’s brother). Incidentally, we each match our characters pretty well. Janna is playing as the female, phasewalking character Lilith. Anthony is playing as the lean, muscled sniper Mordecai. Alex is the ground-quaking, pummelling Berserker. And, Andrew is playing the patriotic, medical (ironically, the one person not in med school) Soldier. We started the game over the long weekend and one weekend later, are nearing the end.

The team

So, you may be thinking computer games and med school…. and yea, we are too. But, in our defense, there is something to say about teamwork, being well-rounded, and able to relate with others.

Ok, so that might just sound like an excuse for us “wasting time” and we still believe that all things must be done in moderation, but looking at the positive side, we may one day be able to relate with a patient demographic by having experienced the world of gaming. Or at least that’s how we justified our time besides also living and enjoying life (despite how polar that seems from med school). 🙂


*This blog post is not advocating or promoting Borderlands*


2 thoughts on “Borderlands!

    • haha actually Janna wrote that. She wouldn’t say it in person, but I assume it’s a Freudian slip 😀
      And yea, Borderlands is a fun game. The co-op part is particularly suhweeeeet.

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