New laptops: macbook air vs ultrabooks


Google’s chromebook. A sweet contender starting at only $200.

A recurring theme this past week has been technology. Janna’s mom’s 5-year old laptop finally went kaput. So, we’ve all been on a search for the ultimate technological gadget that would best fit her (light, portable, and easy-to-use). We looked at macbooks, netbooks, chromebooks, and ultrabooks (…no textbooks), comparing prices, hard drives, memory, weight, size, etc.  We eventually ruled out the netbooks and chromebooks, but settled upon two top contenders–the Lenovo U410 and the Macbook Air.

And drumroll… the winner was the Lenovo ultrabook U410 from Costco: 14″ screen, 1 TB, i7, 4 pounds. The runner-up was the Macbook Air with its “whooping” weight of 3 pounds, but the price was double and compared to the Lenovo, the specs were sub par–13″ screen, 256 GB (though it’s flash drive storage), and i5  (although the apple brand was tempting).

macbook air     lenovo u410

As it turned out, the Lenovo bested the Acer Janna just bought over Christmas break to replace her 6-year old laptop (much loyalty to her ancient brick). Sooo… After much deliberation, Janna decided to use the 90-day Costco return policy and switch to the Lenovo (she hadn’t developed a strong bond to her Acer yet). Through it all, Anthony was the “all-knowing” consultant who helped them spend their money. Now, the mother-daughter will have matching laptops.

Do you think we made the right choice? Let us know below. After all, there is that 90-day return policy. . .


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