We’re ENGAGED!!!

On March 24, 2013, Anthony whisked Janna away to Blue Mountain for a surprise.
And, what a surprise it was…

Janna: I woke up on Sunday morningDSC_0045 (more like noon) to enjoy the beginnings of spring break! The day’s plan was to start chipping away at cleaning the garage, then go shopping at Cabazon with my mom and sis. An hour into cleaning, I suggested we move our shopping trip and just finish the garage so we wouldn’t have to do it during the week. Turns out, that was very good suggestion for Anthony. Because four hours later, covered in sweat, dust, and grim and about to take a shower, I found an unexpected visitor on my front door.

Anthony: I had been planning… and planning… and planning. I wanted to give Janna an experience she wouldn’t forget. Months before I had asked permission from her parents over dinner at the Mission Inn  (and permission from her sibling over lunch at Chipotle). Then, I began assembling the event. The location: Blue Mountain, the first place we met outside of school. The setting: 2 chairs and a table, a recorded song, a bottle of Martinelli’s, 1000 rose petals, 50 candles, the ringand the setting sun. The memories: A mailbox to hold our first e-mails we exchanged back in Jr. High, peanut butter jelly Saltine sandwiches to remind us of a special anniversary date, and even a rose and potato reminiscent to what I gave her when I asked her to be my girlfriend. The finish: a butterfly-styled ring sprinkled with diamonds on a white gold band framed in a black velvet box.

On the day of the proposal, I enlisted the help of my brother and sister to help carry and set up the ensemble. We started at 3 p.m. and continued until 6:45 pm getting everything “just right.” My heart was aflutter. I quickly found out that it’s one thing to plan a proposal, but another thing to enact a proposal. As I was DSC_0101moving the table into place, I rehearsed my lines I wanted to tell Janna. All of my scheming, all of my preparation, all of my handiwork had culminated to this one moment. With twilight rapidly approaching, I quickly spread the last of the rose petals. My brother and sister disappeared from the scene while I made my way to Janna’s house. I took a deep breath; this was it. After one last look at the ring, I straightened my tie and rang the doorbell.

Janna: I opened the front door to find Anthony in his slacks and skinny tie. He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me out the door saying that he had a surprise. Remember that garage I cleaned? Guessing what this might be about, I now really, really wanted my shower.

He whipped DSC_01237out a handkerchief and carefully tied it around my eyes. Blindfolded, I could hear the chorusing frogs (we are having quite a frog season this year). Anthony guided me to a seat, and removed the blindfold. Beyond the latticed table, rose petals and candles surrounded us. The wind had picked up (blowing out the candle flames), but the city lights twinkled in the distance. Under the full moon, we read our first e-mails and ate peanut butter and jelly Saltines with sparkling cider (credits to an anniversary date).

After Anthony presented me with a rose and potato, we danced (well.. swayed) to the song Anthony wrote when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Then, amidst swirling silk rose petals, Anthony got on one knee and asked me… to marry him!!!

It’s been a whirlwind of emotion since then. We’re no longer simply boyfriend and girlfriend.

We’re engaged.



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