1st Year Complete


First year of med school :::: COMPLETE!     

What a lonnnggg past two weeks. We can safely say that of our 18 years of academia each, the past two weeks required the most endurance.

After completing 4 days of finals for spring quarter, we had a short weekend break before we were hit with 4 finals covering information from the entire year. But, we survived!

Finishing our first year called for some celebration! On Friday night, we had a class vespers where we got to relax and hang out with classmates without thinking about an upcoming test or assignment.

IMG_0146  IMG_0144

On Saturday, we had an all med school potluck lunch.


And, now with a year’s worth of med knowledge we are on the wards again (and super nervous since this time we are supposed to “know” S1-4 heart sounds, the function of albuterol, pretty much every artery, nerve, and organ in the body, and sooooo much more). So far, we’ve spent one week following different doctors around.

Janna has seen plastic surgeons conduct a mastectomy, fix a cleft palate/lip, and reconstruct several ears.

Meanwhile, Anthony has watched as adolescent psychiatrists interview patients plagued by depression, paranoia, and visual hallucinations of blood dripping from the walls (which isn’t even the worst of it). 

It’s a nice break from studying. And it heralds the beginning of a summer break (or at least a semi-summer break filled with research)!!!



3 thoughts on “1st Year Complete

  1. This may not be the best place to post this, but I read in your “SLO” section that Janna obtained her B.S. in communication/Public relations. I was wondering if you took any extra classes within your undergraduate program that helped you get into med school?
    Thanks I appreciate it!

    • Yup! Janna took several additional science classes beyond the basic core four sciences to help prep for med school. However, additional science classes are usually not necessary if a student can prove he/she is “good enough” in their science classes and/or MCAT.

      • Wow, that’s great! Would you mind disclosing any of those extra science classes taken?

        I’ve been pursuing a business degree for two years now, but it just doesn’t feel challenging or fulfilling. I’ve always had an interest in medicine but never knew how to approach it. Your blog has been really helpful!

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