Last Summer Ever + Olympic Tri Video


Goodbye summer.  Hello second year! IMG_0652

So, another year has begun. From what we’ve heard, this year will be as tough as a femur, possibly the most sleepless year of our lives. We’ll have many things to look forward to, such as OSCEs, labs, clinics, exam weeks, and the ominous step one.

We’re supposedly renewed and rejuvenated from the 9 weeks of summer. We’re not sure how much rest I’ve stockpiled, but our summer was certainly packed with fun  activities. Outside of the eight to nine hours a day of researching, we started wedding planning, finally said “yes!” to the dress (Janna), acted as skit characters in VBS, went back to our childhood and watched Disney’s Suite Life of Zack and Cody, listened to Adventures in Odyssey, played “for the swarm” in Starcraft 2 (Anthony), grilled corn over a campfire, ran a half marathon (Janna), and completed an Olympic triathlon with our med school buddies (Michael Giang and Jon Uniat) and Andrew.

Our bodies were pushed to their limits, and now our brain will get a turn.

Goodbye summer.  Hello second year!


IMG_0417     IMG_0270     janna half marathonDSC_1108


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