Endorphin Level

We’ve decided to chart our emotional state through each of approaching weeks before test day. Check back here to see how the Janthony Journey is going.

1 week before no zoom

4 Weeks Left before the new tests

Anthony-6- Mmm. Brand new test cycle.

Janna-8- Lovin’ the weather

Post Test Week

Anthony-3- Weh.

Janna-8- Done with tests!!!

Testing time

Anthony-5- Eeky. Nervous before testing.

Janna-5- So much to do.

Last Week before Testing!!!

Anthony-5- mmm… just so-so. Last week before testing.

Janna-6- Ready for vacation!

2 Weeks until Test Week

Anthony-7- Too much information, but I’m trying to hang in there.

Janna-7- Had mild food poisoning this week… Makes me sad.

3 Weeks until Test Week

Anthony-7- It’s the calm before the storm. Pretty chill.

Janna-8- Week of Prayer’s coming up. . . less time for classes!

4 Weeks until Test Week

Anthony-6- Hoping to do study and do better this test cycle.

Janna-8- Prioritizing more sleep this quarter.

Post Test Week

2-Anthony- Apparently one of us needs a little more time with the books.

8-Janna- Done!!!

Test Week!!!

5-Anthony- Oh my word. My brain has exploded.

6-Janna- Nervous for the test!

1 Week until Test Week

8-Anthony- Starting to get the hang of it. Kinda.

8-Janna- Fun, fried goodies, and friends.

2 Weeks until Test Week:

7.5-Anthony- Vacation time = catch up study time.

8-Janna- Labor Day!!

1 Week in:

6-Anthony- I miss summer.

4.5-Janna- Getting into the hang of things.

Med school starts tomorrow:

8- Anthony- Goodbye summer.

4- Janna- Getting cold feet.

1 Week before school:

9.5- Anthony- Having as much fun as possible.

8- Janna- Starting to miss summer.

2 Weeks before school:

9- Anthony- Enjoying relaxation time.

9- Janna- Enjoying summer and the new experience of wards.



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