Janthony (Janna + Anthony) is a nickname we were given in high school from our classmates to describe our “oneness.”  We didn’t officially start dating until college, but our history together began in junior high. 12 year-old Anthony wooed Janna (or at least tried to) with some 3×5 note cards, sharpie markers, and a wild imagination–but that’s a story for another time.

Over the years, we have been lab partners, study buddies, and high school banquet dates (Adventist version of proms).  We’ve graduated from the same high school, gone to the same college, and will be attending the same medical school.  And, now we are even blogging together.  I think you get the idea.

Hence the name, Janthony.


One thought on “Janthony

  1. What!? Janthony, that’s my name. Cool, and here I thought that it isn’t such an anomaly. It can also be named for a couple. My name was invented by my eccentric parents, just so you guys know. Oh well, hope you guys live happily ever after. Just dropped by when I saw this blog when I, bored, searched my name in google.
    P.S. I maybe the both of you guys future offspring saying hello, who knows. Prognostication, anyone?

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